To ensure and verify the safety of airspace for flying and the reliability of landing and navigational aids for landing traffic.

To be the leader in the field of flight inspection services by providing top class services with state of the art Fully Automatic Flight Inspection System and the most experienced crew.

Samana Special Mission (SSM) has proudly been providing Flight Inspection Services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. We are proud to guarantee the safety of all civil, private, military airspace and aerodromes, while assuring maximum efficiency throughout the airspace system.

It is our reward to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and aircraft that utilize the airspace in Saudi Arabia. Since commencement of our mission.

in january 2010

in January 2010 /

we have exceeded ICAO and GACA standards in inspection of all facilities and aerodromes which has allowed the airspace system in Saudi Arabia to operate at par with international safety standards.

SSM has been most successful in ensuring the completion of our contract with GACA, so much that we have been awarded a new 5 year commitment with GACA to provide Flight Inspection Services for Saudi Arabia's entire airspace system.

in the last five years


SSM has grown and strengthened, truly being a leader in the region as Flight Inspection service providers. We are proud to announce that we will be teaming up with the European leaders in Flight Inspection - ENAV. We also collaborate with Norwegian Special Mission, the main Flight Inspection provider in Scandinavia. We believe that we can merge the experience of all experienced parties to ensure the fruitful innovation of our project. We are excited for the next 5 years to come!

ssm's long term objective


to provide flight inspection services to the whole region and to be the leader in flight inspection field in the Middle East by providing top class services with state of the art, Fully Automatic Flight Inspection System and our highly experienced crew.

Our equipment boasts an industry workhorse, the Beechcraft King Air 350, praised for its versatility and reliability and perfectly suited for the demands of Flight Inspection. Our King Air 350 is equipped with the latest and most technologically advanced system on the market - the Norwegian made Flight Inspection System UNIFIS-3000.av