The SeaHunter 8000 Airborne Surveillance System

is the most recent and modern Mission Management System for maritime surveillance designed for medium to small aircrafts., SAR and oil spill detection systems on the market.

The SeaHunter 8000 allows the operator full control over the complete range of sensors from a single console and in particular to combine the information from the different sensors on that console to ensure that the complete picture is available to the operator at all times.

All information is recorded for evidence collection and detailed analysis of a situation to investigate.

Surveillance System

The SeaHunter 8000’s Maritime Surveillance Software is based on a well proven Graphical User


Airborne Surveillance

Superior Mission Management Functionality

  • 1/12Identifying oil-spills and estimating the volume of the spill
  • 2/12Border Patrol
  • 3/12Identifying illegal activities (Fishing/ Trafficking / Smuggling)
  • 4/12Protecting Oil & Gas Infrastructure
  • 5/12Monitoring the oil spill & response «on scene»
  • 6/12Accidents – Ship/Offshore/other
  • 7/12Identifying Land-based spills
  • 8/12Assisting Police and Customs authorities
  • 9/12Perform Search and Rescue (SAR) Assistance / Operations
  • 10/12Firefighting monitoring
  • 11/12Mapping
  • 12/12Recording of Mission DATA for evidence

User Interface

This provides a Mission Management configuration tool, with integrated network and Mission critical planning and performance capabilities. The high end SeaHunter 8000 is taking the next step into the future State of the Art tactical collaboration, with the authorities involved, during airborne surveillance while securing high definition evidence across national and international waters.


The consoles are modular. They are easy to assemble. The weight and size of each module is easily manageable by persons bringing the consoles in/out for maintenance etc. The consoles are mounted to the aircraft seat rails through a mechanical seat rail adapter. All LRU’s belonging to the special SeaHunter 8000 mission applications are mounted inside the cabinets and will therefor require minimum space in the cabin. However, the design and computer systems of the SeaHunter 8000 allows for expansions of several types of mission applications.