Our strategic partner, ENAV, will be using the state of the art aircraft, Piaggio Avanti, a truly splendid and record breaking aircraft, celebrated for its performance and efficiency. They will also be relying on the same Norwegian UNIFIS 3000 system. This allows for inter-changeable crew between the aircrafts allowing for better collaboration between us and our strategic partners.

Samana Special Mission has the capability to provide Flight inspection Services throughout the globe.

Samana Special Mission are pleased to announce increased capability in the field of WGS84-aerodrome surveying through the collaboration with the world renowned company SLC Associates - Geomatic Solutions Ltd.

SLC Associates - Geomatic Solutions Ltd are a global name in the supply of aeronautical grade positional data to aerodrome operators, airport planners and national administrations worldwide. They have successfully carried out over 260 WGS84- aerodrome surveys and not only operate throughout the British Isles but also in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, India, the Middle East and South America.


With over 23 years' experience in the field of aerodrome surveying, their team has a thorough understanding of aerodrome survey requirements and a commitment to deliver data that is easily understood and readily usable by the people who need it, whatever their level of technical knowledge and experience. This makes SLC the data originators of choice worldwide.

Services include:

  • Aerodrome Surveys
  • Aeronautical Software
  • Date interpretation
  • Charting